why do you need to seal your pavers?

You’ll Have to Clean It More Often – If you don’t seal your pavers, you will have to clean it more often. The stains will be harder – and sometimes even impossible – to remove. It’s best to simply protect your investment and save time with paver sealing.

Sinking Spots and Shifting – Not sealing can also lead to sinking spots and shifting – sort of. This is actually caused by sand loss in your joints. The sand in the joint spaces out each paver, but when that sand is lost, there are gaps. Those gaps allow unnecessary movement. A joint stabilizing sealer, on the other hand, will prevent this problem by protecting your paver from sand loss.

More Weeds to Pull – You’ll have to pull weeds more often, as they’ll grow in the joints of your paver. A common misconception is that these weeds come from beneath the pavers and grow through the joint. This is false, though. The truth is that weeds almost always come from blown-in seeds that are deposited into the sand joint from neighboring weeds. Have a lot of weeds in your yard? This is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have weeds in your paver joints. Get them sealed to free yourself from the annoyance of having to pull weeds. Specifically, a joint stabilizing sealer will help prevent this growth.

why trust us?

At Florida Pressure Kings, we carefully plan out everything. We follow a specific process that includes a written estimate, timely service and a detailed and disciplined cleaning process. We are fully insured and trained, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best care. We also protect the delicate plants surrounding your home. 

 We are not a fly-by-night contractor who is in business to make a quick buck and run. We will be around long after the job is completed and your satisfaction is our priority. Our mission is to do the job right the first time with as little disruption to you as possible.

With fast, free quotes, a 5-star Google rating, professional experts and more, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

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Paver sealing before & after